Monday, September 12, 2016

WPT Quilt Expo

Boy do my feet hurt!  I signed up to be a volunteer docent at last weekend's WPT/Nancy's Notions Quilt Expo.  WOW!!  What an experience!  (Note to future self:  Volunteer for two days of docent and one day of a sit-down job...)

I saw something different every time I looked.  You NEED three days to see everything and then I don't think you see everything.

In no particular order...

The roots of this tree are zippers!!

I met this quilter, a lovely person, I took her photo next to her quilt with her camera.

A ROY G BIV Challenge... 20 inch blocks of a fabulous nature...

I like this philosophy.

More exhibit quilts

apologies for the fuzzy pic, this one won a ribbon.
I'll post more tomorrow.  There were 366 quilts in the juried exhibit, and about 500 more in other areas.

Quilt on...

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