Thursday, May 11, 2017

Sewing Weekend Follow Up

About 4,000 of my best girlfriends and I had an absolute blast at Nancy's Notions Sewing Weekend last weekend. 

And after attending this event for probably 20 or so years, I finally figured out that I need to take some days off work AFTER the event to decompress, pet and oooh and ahhh over the stuff I bought there, and maybe do a project or two while I'm still inspired.

And inspiring it was!

Some of the great things I saw were in the presentations, and some were just in the people attending and the meals shared.  it was just the best weekend ever.  I'm telling you, next year you HAVE TO BE THERE!!

My pal Suzi won a couple of door prizes, including an OTT lamp!  I am still cruising on the personal high of the Baby Lock I won two years ago...

I saw some wonderful speakers giving various topics from renegade sewing (Nancy Zieman) to modern quilting (Weeks Ringle) to wonderful pictorial quilts that just defy the imagination (Cynthia England).

Weeks Ringle - she said "yes, that's my real name".
I bought this book...
Cynthia England -- laugh a minute!!

FABULOUS quilt I saw it in person!

Maybe the most fun was being at the Thursday night Midwest Ya Ya Sisters program and seeing Mary Mulari and Rita Farro do their thing with new sewing ideas and lots of jokes and laughing.

I'm in a few of the pictures on Rita's blog too, so I am now famous, in a kind of anonymous way...

Go read her take on it.  See if you can find me (ha ha, I'm very small...), and afterwards see if you don't want to make your reservations right now.

Sew on...