Thursday, March 3, 2016

Sewing Sisters Farewell

I've blogged before about my Friday Night Sewing Sisters get together at the home of one of my aunties.  It's attended by cousins on both sides of the family, and aunts, and sometimes a third generation of girls and sometimes boys. 

We branded ourselves Sewing Sisters.  One year we had these braided friendship bracelets made out of embroidery floss, and we swore to wear them forever!  They didn't last that long, but it was fun.

We almost always wear something red on Friday.  It started as a show of support for the troops.  But I think we all love red, and most of us look good in it.

Our hostess my Aunt Z was married to one of my mom's brothers -- so my aunt by marriage.  She's a good friend,  My aunt D, her sister, who also just happened to be married to one of my mom's brothers, is also a sewing sister.  And some of the cousins who come are the daughters of a third sister E (not married to any relative of my mother!).  (There are more sisters, just like my family theirs is big.)

This past weekend the two aunties and some of the cousins went to a quilting retreat out of town. 
On the last day of the retreat Aunt D slipped on the steps and hit her head.  The EMTs came and she went to the hospital.  Because she was on blood thinners there wasn't much they could do and she passed away of bleeding on the brain.

She was 84, the same age my mom would have been.  I'm consoled by the fact that she had a wonderful last weekend, didn't linger and didn't suffer.  And that she was a believer in God so she'll rest in peace until the last day and be raised up to spend eternity in Paradise.

Maybe there's a sewing retreat in heaven too.

Like my late mom used to say, I'd better be good so when I die, I will go there too and I'll see them all again.

Things can change in the time it takes to take your next breath.  If you love someone, tell them now.

Love on...