Saturday, January 6, 2018


This is post number 515.  I guess that's better than giving my age, or calculating the days to my retirement.

Numbers.  Some people have a affinity - like me, I can remember addresses and phone numbers, my grandmother's phone number was Atlantic 2 - 9508.  That was back when exchanges had names, not numbers.  We lived at 1724 Poe Street in Minnesota.  There are 5,280 feet to a mile and 12 inches to a foot.

No, no, I will not make you do the math!  People hate math, especially some women!  I've seen tee shirts that say

I have to laugh because there are so many things that keep us from doing math in our heads anymore...calculators on our phones, registers that give the change amount so you don't have to count back, no one HAS to do math unless they want to.

My youngest granddaughter can do math in her head.  It's funny because you can actually see her face change when she does it.  Her sister will look at her and say something like 'oh for goodness sake, just use a piece of paper'.  Her face is kind of glazed over for a minute and then before a pencil can be produced she's got the answer.

I don't understand the new math, or Common Core or whatever way their teaching now, but she certainly does.

When my daughter was in school she took algebra, and she always said there was never going to be a time when she would use it after she graduated.  Many people are of that same opinion.  But now, ask her what a pitcher's ERA is, or how many man-hours a project will take and she can tell you.

I don't tell her it's algebra.

Come to the math side, we have pi.

Add on...

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The 2017 Wrap Up

I just wanted to post this picture laden reminder of all the things that DID get done in 2017... I didn't do them all myself but I did have fingers in each and every one of them.

Dori's pillows

Dori's other pillows

The confirmand

Doll coats and mittens

New quilt patterns to teach

Knit hats

Crocheted hats

The parrot quilt

Night shirts

Yellow brick road in blue

The Brown Thing


Apple paper piecing

Pastor Mike's quilt

Baby sweaters!

Charity quilts

More dolly clothes

Auntie's quilts

baby gifts

The pony tail hat

And many more not captured for posterity... I need to resolve to 1. Get the UFOs finished and 2. Get better at documenting the finishes!  Oh, and 3.  Maybe not start as many things as I finish this year.

Good luck with that...  Happy 2018!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year! Welcome 2018

It's 2018.  Where has the time gone?  Does it feel like the older you get, the faster it goes?

Today has dawned bright and sunny in southeast Wisconsin.  And cold!!  Brrrr does not do this justice.  It's not like last year's Polar Vortex, or at least that's what the weather people are saying.  But what do they know?  They're only right about half the time.

Last week it was 2 degrees.  In an effort at levity, I asked, can I pick which two??  I'd like 70 or 72 please!

Current conditions say -6 degrees, wind chill at -21.  I've said this before and I'll say it again, I'd be lots happier if they didn't tell me the wind chill!

So stay inside, have some hot chocolate or a cup of tea.  Stay warm!

I'll be in the sewing room, trying to work on my last year's UFOs.

Sew on...