Monday, March 23, 2015

And That Reminds Me...

Saturday being National Quilting Day... we actually did QUILT!  That is, Suzi quilted and the rest of us sewed, organized, cut and otherwise offered moral support to her.  She had some foot surgery last week so she's somewhat confined to the chair anyway.
This is an awesome I Spy quilt that's now finished.

This rainbow zig zag got a rainbow binding.

Our Peas In A Pod is off to a new home.

This one featured elephants and zebras. 

And lastly, our Yellow Brick Road that was made for the church Youth Auction is nearly done, just a binding needed.
We sewed until about 2 p.m., layering up four more to send home with "The Quilting Queen", got several more matched up, kitted up some more stuff and cleaned out our blanket bin.  We felt very virtuous that we worked so hard!  But we had a good time while we worked, lots of good female fellowship.

I showed one of our newer members how to do string quilts on a foundation square.  She said she enjoyed learning it and really realized the importance of pressing after every addition, or the lumps just stay in!  She did a nice job and finished up two squares that will trim up to about 10.5 inches each.

Follow THIS LINK to a tutorial on string quilting from

Several of our string quilts and other patterns are going to Ysletta, Mexico, during Easter break with the Missions group.  We know they'll find good homes there with families who could really use them!

Sew on...

Minnie Mouse

After we did the quilting group at church on Saturday, which was National Quilting Day -- quite appropriately since we did sew some quilts -- but I digress...  I proceeded to the Baby Sprinkle.  It turned out very well, the baby got some nice presents that haven't been previously worn by her big brother.

Mommy liked my Minnie Mouse hat.  I couldn't give her JUST the hat so I whipped up a pink polka dot dress and panties the night before. 

Everything at the party was pink, and if it was edible it had sprinkles on it.  That Grandma Sharon just went wild with the sprinkles!

My favorites were the cake pops.

And they were delicious too!

Party on...