Friday, April 7, 2017

Random Thoughts for Friday

Today is Friday so I'm sitting on my two hour plus team call for work, multitasking and not paying the proper amount of attention I guess.  Hopefully since I talked for my three minutes I will be ignored the rest of the call!

I have discovered that if I'm knitting on my lunch period, the lamp on my desk is a good substitute for a hat model.  Necessity is the mother of invention -- so true!  But even though I took a photo, I can't post it because for some odd reason my phone is not communicating with my email, and the picture is a gazillion megabytes large!

Where is the eight year old when you need one?

I found an interesting article recently on making to-do lists.  It was in a presentation about artistic journaling which veered off into left brain/right brain concepts and made me think that I'm going down a rabbit hole again... like HERE -- Rabbit hole -- but it made me think about creativity and how it starts.  Or how it gets bogged down in details sometimes.

Our church guild is making a quilt with a car theme for our retiring pastor.  He's a car guy, and my mind just went to checkered flags and applique right off the bat.  I got the center medallion made, and the other ladies made a BUNCH of black and white checkerboard pieces to go around it.

I am now struggling with the next step because this quilt wants to be horizontal, when I wanted it to be vertical!  I made some additional primary color blocked pieces for the top and the bottom, but I was a little stymied by the layout.
I asked my friend Suzi to come and look.  We put our two minds to the task and a plan gelled.  I guess my left brain, which enjoys a work plan, was getting in front of my right brain, which works more spontaneously!
Hey, here's a new notion I found in a trip to my local quilt shop: 

I'm a big fan of triangle paper of many types.  The ones from Miss Rosie's are made to work with layer cakes (hence the name) so I bought a couple of packs to use in a project that is fermenting in the right side of my head.

Sew on...