Monday, September 24, 2018

Wait, Was That September??

September is flying by like a 747 on its way to somewhere important.

Tomorrow is our 47th wedding anniversary.  It's hard to believe that we've been married that long, except when I think about our son just turning 46!  LOL!!

There are some days that remain crystal-clear in your mind, no matter how fuzzy the short term memory may be.  I remember getting dressed at home, sending my bridesmaids and my mom to get their hair done but doing my own at home.  I remember trying to shove 30 yards of satin peau into the car so my dad could drive me to church.  These days brides got smarter and dress at church, which would have saved some of the buttons on my train, which were torn off in the struggle!

This picture is hanging on the wall in the stairway to our second floor.  I look at it daily and probably don't even see it anymore.  (I'm no longer that thin, nor is DH although he is closer!)

I haven't had much time to sew this month.  I did cut up a couple of kits for myself when I have time to sit down again.  I finished and sent my Escher quilt off to the quilter, and cut a second one, to be done in black, white and red.  Someday.  Hopefully to be done by Christmas, at least PIECED by then, as a gift.  Fingers crossed.

Is this amazing or what?  The sewing is easy but the layout requires planning... if you want to make your own, go to quiltagious-dot-com and place an on line order, or stop in at the shop.  I usually work on Tuesdays and Fridays.  **Disclaimer:  I make no commission on any sales of anything you buy there.

Most of my sitting time has been spent knitting socks.  I blogged before about taking a four part sock toolbox class at my local yarn store, Cream City Yarn in Brookfield WI.  (*Disclaimer:  No, I don't work there.  I cannot afford to work there and be near that much yarn!  I get into enough trouble at the quilt shop!)

In no particular order, I'm knitting or have knitted pink socks, blue socks, navy and red socks and red and green socks.  

Navy on the left, blue on the right.  This was 
prior to doing the Kitchener stitch to close
the toe of each.
 I've been knitting top down one at a time on double pointed needles, which is how I've always knit socks.  I did try two at a time on the magic loop, but I get 'ladders' where the needles separate, so I gave up after one try.  It's not the method, it's the knitter.  I may try again since the info I got at the toolbox class has been so helpful.  Anyway, I think knitting a couple of different socks at a time is one antidote to my fear and loathing of boredom and the Second Sock Syndrome!


So far I've knitted TWO pink socks, two blue socks and one and 7/8  of the navy/red sock.

Pink sock #2 in progress...

See?  A pair!!

Kind of fuzzy... two blue socks using the 
free pattern Hermoine's Everyday Socks
 I started the next pair, using a self striping red and green yarn in the very imaginative Color Number 12.

With any luck I might finish these up before Christmas too.

Yesterday I took time out from cleaning and fixing up in the rental portion of our townhouse to watch my middle granddaughter play in a volleyball league.  I know little or nothing about the game, although I did get some small amount of education from sitting next to her mom on the bleachers!  All I know is the ball goes back and forth over the net with some bouncing around in between, and her team won both games that I saw.

Miss K ready to punch the ball over the net!

The coach is the aforementioned birthday boy... his first crack at volleyball too. (Note to Paul Ryan, call if you need pointers!) Watching him during the two games was fun and I'm glad I had the chance to do it.  He was so patient and supportive of the girls even when they made mistakes, and they all seemed to be having fun.  Of course winning helped, and they are just the junior league but I had the same feelings as when I watched him play baseball in his adolescence.  Good job, girls AND coach!

Today I'm going to be packing up some non-essentials from my sewing studio, and putting together a big box (or boxes) of fabrics from my garment-sewing days to donate to the Martin Luther 'Rummage Sale' resale store.  They do a good job of supporting Christian education at Martin Luther High and two other parochial schools in our area, and I am glad to lessen the number of bins I will be paying someone to move when we sell this home and buy a condo.

You can read about the ML Rummage Sale new location here:  ML Rummage Moves

Somehow it hurts less to lose some pieces over others, but knowing it isn't going to a landfill and will support learning makes it OK.  Oh, and if I really, really want to keep something, I'm keeping it!  I can donate it later if I want to, right?

We haven't found a new place yet anyway, so there's no rush yet.

Better go start the laundry.  That's the thing about housework, it's always there!

Sew on...