Saturday, September 1, 2018

Saturday and It's Raining, Again

Today being Saturday, I am normally at work at the quilt shop.  For the last two weeks I've been off, working alternate weekdays instead.  After DD's Friday wedding last week, I had a house full of company and that was fun.  The oldest of my brothers came from Minnesota with his wife, and we had a nice leisurely visit that lasted all day.

Today is the beginning of Labor Day weekend, and also of a local attraction, St. Martins Fair.  St. Martins is a road that runs through a small section of the community, and all summer there is a fair with lots of vendors, music, produce stands... you can buy almost anything from tee shirts to tomatoes to goats!  I thought I would get up early this morning and score some home grown tomatoes, but since it was raining, my head decided a nice sleep-in was in order.

Many areas are getting much more rain than we have, but still I'm feeling a little 'under the weather' as they say.  What is it about rain that makes us sluggish and slightly gloomy?  What does it mean to be under the weather?  Is it a good day to read a book instead?

Muskego, WI
Saturday 12:00 PM

°F | °C
Precipitation: 100%
Humidity: 96%
Wind: 7 mph

For the next seven days, the only day with no rain in the forecast is Tuesday!  By Thursday we all may have webbed feet.  I shouldn't complain, at least there is no flooding in my immediate area, unlike several cities/towns in the surrounding counties.  

This picture has been all over the internet, flooding in the Madison area and people who drive through the puddles having NO IDEA that soon they will float away!  The newscasters keep repeating the mantra "turn around, don't drown", but it continues.  How did they even see where to go?

Some people do like rain though.   I love this little umbrella girl... do they make that in adult sizes?  LOL!

Random thoughts for the weekend:

  • When you're retired and your first day to do anything is Tuesday, any weekend seems to be a long weekend.  And Labor Day?  HAHA!  Oh well, it does indicate the end of summer in Wisconsin.  
  • It seems that the weather forecasters are using more technology lately, but are they any more accurate?  And do we mind less than we used to when they're not?
  • Blogs with ads that block your view of content are annoying.  I've stopped reading a few of my old favorites because they're that full of advertising.
  • Pepsi or Coke, does it really matter?
  • Now that I'm cleaning my sewing room to prep for potential home buyers I'm itching to get started on a dozen new sewing projects!
Until next time!  Sew on... or not.  ;-)

Friday, August 31, 2018

Another Friday Post, Post-Wedding!

This week I've been in 'recovery mode' from last week's exciting doings.  DD was married last Friday evening, and they threw a very nice party!  I was up later than I've been in a long time at least while upright and conversational.  I had a house full of company for Saturday.  It was lovely to visit with everyone and except for the DJ/music being so loud and not at all what I enjoy it was lovely.

The hall was beautifully decorated, the food was delicious, the grounds were so pretty that even with the rain we were able to find nice places for the thousand or so photos taken by our lovely friend Tina the professional photographer.  DH was in a lot of them, and after a while he started to crab a little whenever he saw the camera, but she usually managed to jolly him out of it.

Subsequently I did not take a lot of pictures... I was busy chatting with friends and family.  I finally got to meet the lady who lives across the street, after 11 years!!  It's funny, while I worked full time I saw her to wave at, and I met her husband and brother who made fast friends with my husband, and once I think I saw her in a yarn shop, but we never officially met.  She is very sweet and promised to keep in touch, especially about the knitting!

Today a real estate broker is coming to discuss selling the townhouse and buying a condo.  I've been cleaning and organizing for a while.  I surely wish we had started this in spring, but it is what it is I guess.  I have always been pretty well organized but organization for moving is so much more involved... keep/donate/toss decisions being the most important.  I fill bags for donation often, but evidently not often enough!

In July I pared down the yarn stash a bit with a big box of colorful one-off and partial skeins that went to the preschool.  Not that it made a SERIOUS dent in the stash... and I have organized three big bags of things that belong to or are going to the church quilt guild, that can leave my house for now.  Again, impact negligible.

Four BIG bins are filled with the dregs of various projects, which I always thought might be useful for doll clothes.  Turns out I never made as many doll clothes as I thought I would, even though I have a tub full of finished items.  I am keeping one bin of fabric and tossing the other three.

So sorry for the lack of photos in this post, I'm going to try to make up for it later... we will see how today goes!

Under finished projects, I count one PAIR of socks knitted!  They are very imperceptibly different but close enough to call.  I started the second of the bright pink socks yesterday, and so far the second sock matches the first as far as I have knitted, so there is hope that I've managed my Second Sock Syndrome.

Also this week I received a call from my former boss's assistant.  The woman who succeeded me was in a very bad car accident last weekend and is on short term disability with a bad back injury and an even worse concussion.  They want me to come back temporarily to run the Wastewater convention activities in October.  I'm trying to help them find some alternatives for that... they have many talented folks still working for them and I have no burning desire to go back even part time!  But I will help if I can, and of course prayers are being offered for Miss T's speedy recovery.

Until next time...