Friday, January 25, 2013

Lucky Me?? Not!

Remember that old Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry line, “Do ya feel lucky, punk?”
I’ve been reading a couple of blogs regularly and a bunch of others intermittently, entering contests and seeing what’s going on.  And I never win.  Well almost never.  I did win something from the Nancy Zieman blog sometime within about the last 18 months.  It was a very nice booklet on machine appliqué. 

But fabric giveaways?  Nope.  How about some cool craft supplies.  No way.  I must not live right.
Today I was reading a certain nationally known quilt teacher’s blog, and someone sent her a box of feed sacks.  Now I love nationally know quilting teachers as much as the next person, but gosh!  I need quilt sacks much more than she does!!
I remember when I was beginning to learn sewing -- I might have blogged about this before -- my dad’s Aunt Mary generously opened her sewing stash to me, and I picked out some fabric that may or may not have been feed sack cotton.  It was white or cream with tiny flowers, orange and green.  I made a blouse from it with a pattern she also gifted to me.  I was in heaven!
Nowadays, if you look for feed sack fabric, you can find it, but it is very dear to purchase.  I know because I’ve looked and I can’t afford to buy it!  Say the word "Vintage" and up goes the price.
I do buy old linens and handkerchiefs when I can find them at reasonable prices or when I love the patterns a lot.
So hey, why isn’t someone sending any of us a nice package of fabric just because??
Oh well.  Sew on!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Baptismal Dress -- Final, Finally!

I am very behind on posting this... partly due to my own issues and partly because I was waiting for photos.  But I finally have photos of the finished dress made from the wedding gown. 

Here are the bride and groom in the "Before" picture:

Here's the baby with proud parents... well, you can tell someone is holding her!
Sew on!