Friday, October 12, 2012

Bad Hair Day?

How many of us look at ourselves?  I mean REALLY look.

As women we look at ourselves in the mirror daily to do our hair and makeup.  We may glance at our images as we dress in the morning but often the picture we see doesn't necessarily match the picture that's in our minds.

This morning I am sporting a fresh new haircut.  I'm SO happy with it, I can't tell you how much!  But yesterday...  just having to write about it makes me relive it, and I'm not sure I like that.

I normally make my next appointment before I leave the salon, while I'm paying for the one just finished.  I guess last time I was chatting too much, I was the last appointment of the day, I was tired, whatever.  I could swear I made my next appointment.  I rarely go beyond 5 weeks before I'm back again for a new cut.  And the salon calls me the day before to remind me of the date and time.

Except this time.

I called my DIL, who is also my stylist, and asked her to check because the do was getting floppy.  She must have forgotten, and I don't blame her.  I should have called while she was at work so she could have looked at the book right then, instead of having to remember and call me back.

Yesterday my hair looked OK when I combed it in the morning in my bathroom.  Too long and the sparkly ones are really showing up, but I used a generous amount of hairspray to keep it looking good. Or at least decent.

But the wind was blowing in the parking lot.  I was in the ladies room washing my hands and I looked up.  OMG!! THAT can't be what I look like! 

I got right on the phone and called the salon.  I have to have an appointment booked!  When is it?  Nope, nothing.  Lucky for me, she had an opening and I ran from the office to get in the chair.

Ah... much better!

Sometimes I think, why don't I just shave my head and buy a wig?

No, no, don't write and say how horrible that thought is, I am just KIDDING!!