Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Some Sewing Got Done...

I've had the pleasure of a couple of days off work recently.  I did some housecleaning (yuck) and some shopping (not yuck!) and some catching up with medical appointments, etc.  But I did get a chance to spend some quality time in my sewing studio.

It's been kind of hard to be inside this week.  The weather, always iffy in the Midwest, was lovely.  Nice cool mornings and warm sunny afternoons.  Except for a few small rain showers and a bit of wind it was a great weekend!

My bin of doll items for the craft sales is filling up!  I have to scrounge up some buttons for a few more doll sweaters and put the finishing touches on a few other items but I'm feeling very prepared!  Anything additional that gets done will be gravy.

Sweater that needs buttons -- self striping sock yarn.
Fleece hats.  Zebra is always a hit.

I made at least a dozen little dresses like this.

There are dresses with a holiday theme!

And printed denim jeans...

I love this fabric!

Denim skirts and sweaters...

I'm using my favorite fabrics and the stuff is turning out so well!

Mix and match PJ bottoms...

And tee shirt tops!
The first show is called A Community Affair and it's in Menomonee Falls, WI on October 18.  Hopefully it's a good show, and I can sell enough of these little items to earn back my registration fee!

We will have more variety and more items.  My business partner is knitting ponchos, making little hat/scarf/mitten sets with fleece, and some fleece robes to go with my PJs.  I've also made a couple dozen pairs of doll socks to match some of the dresses.  Those are fun, but I didn't take any photos.

We were going to make some doll Halloween costumes too, but the best laid plans sometimes go awry.  She did make some tutus and some aprons.   And we enlisted the help of the grands to make little necklace and bracelet sets.  Too cute!

Now if I could just make my own stuff this fast!  I did pull out a pattern for some pants for myself, and went so far as to prewash some fabric. 

Maybe next week... lol!

Sew on...