Thursday, March 10, 2016

Life In Wisconsin

Last week was brutal at least for me... I had a four hour dental appointment on Tuesday and a funeral on Thursday and Friday.  But there were some good things, I promise!

I got a whole stack of my New York Beauty blocks done... about a dozen out of the 36 I need for my preferred layout.  The second of two classes was Feb. 28.  I enjoyed everything except the scrutiny of the quilt police! 

I feel that I did my part though.  One of the other students was struggling with the concept of curved seaming.  Being a garment sewist myself, fitting pieces of odd shaping together is nothing new, so I held a little side class for this lady, showing her how if you measure at the seam line, the two different shapes are actually the identical size, so they fit together perfectly.  Never mind the whole cut edge, it works.  I think she got it, I saw the light go on in her eyes.  She asked me if I was a teacher.  :-)

I think I'm more like a coach, really... but I love it when people realize they can do it, whatever it is!

Tuesday was the four hour dental appointment.  I was having some crowns done.  Done?  Installed?  Inserted?  What's the term?  It was actually a THREE hour appointment but when the third crown was inserted for the test fit, I heard "Ooops". 

This is NOT a sound you want to hear at the dentist. 

It turns out the 'minor adjustment grind' took a bit too much off the edge and they had to make another one.  Lucky for me my dentist has a lab right in the office and the new one took about six minutes to make.

He also gave me a little card they had made up that says:

My dentist told me I need a crown, and I was like I know, right?

So now I'm a princess!  Ha ha!

My church friends told me since my Father is The King of Heaven, of COURSE I'm a princess.

Thursday was my aunt Dar's funeral service and Friday her interment.  That was sad but we did have a lovely visit with lots of out of town relatives who we don't get to see much.  And my goodness were there a lot of BABIES!  Seems my generation of the family (the first cousins, who spans a couple of decades) has lots of grandchildren of an age to have children of their own and they're so adorable and friendly.  It was fun seeing them and passing them around for cuddles.

Here's to better days ahead.

Keep calm and carry on...