Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Quilt Expo 2016, Part II

This post is a continuation of yesterday's photo gallery of pictures I took at the WPT/Nancy's Notions Quilt Expo, at which I was a volunteer docent for three days.  Enjoy the pictures!  I didn't capture everything, just the ones I particularly liked or thought had interesting points to them. 
Acres of quilting...  but our rows got a little wonky on Thursday.  The amazing staff had it all restored on Friday morning!
I wish I had taken one of the 'socks' quilt...  it was made of little kids' socks with designs on them, including everything from Valentine hearts to the Pink Panther.  Boy you can make a quilt out of ANYTHING.
Crazy Quilt, with lots of embroidery.

The thread painting was incredible.  Check the detail on the bluebird.

Lovely floral quilt with lots of detail.  And bugs!  Sorry it's fuzzy.

This quilt has words quilted into the various areas like the stripes of light over the tomb.  And the Ten Commandments on the Tablet are embroidered in a darker color to stand out.  it was beautifully done.

Quilts come in all sizes.  And evidently all shapes.

The tried and true Log Cabin, the 'logs' are 1/2 inch exposures, so the cut strips were one inch in width.  ONE!

Optical Illusion quilts, there were at least 14 by Donna Woods.  Crazy!  Beautiful!

See below... gorgeous!  The photo doesn't do it justice.

The center of a large Dresden Plate. 

This had to have been my favorite... see Maxine from Hallmark?  Lower right corner -- Heads will roll!!

The reverse side says Whose Behind?  It has appliqued ladies from their 'other front' side, and a lot of words for 'BUTT'.  Including BUTT.  A crowd favorite to have the back turned.

I love redwork.  This is all hand embroidered and hand quilted.

Called Forty Shades of Green.  All Celtic symbols.

This one is by Chris Kirsch.  The fabric is LAME' -- you know, the dance costume stuff?  La-May.

One viewer said "some of this fabric is ugly, but what a nice quilt it makes".  I concur.
Can you see the rainbow?  It was a LOONNNGG wall and there must have been at least 300 panels on it.

I am in awe of the workmanship of everything I saw.  I say it again, I'm a piecer, not a quilter, but I admire anyone who does it and loves it. 

Quilt on!

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