Friday, September 16, 2016

Google and Some Friday Photos

There evidently were some new features added to Google that I missed.  Figures I'm not that techno-savvy anyway, but this one I like!

I went to add some photos to a post, and the options now include "from your phone".

I used to have to email all the pictures from my phone to my office email because my Yahoo mail account would not let me email them from my phone to my home email account.  AAAGGHH!!  But now I can load them into a blog post without doing anything! 

Very cool.  Thank you, Google!

Here are some random shots for Friday...

This is the underneath side of Miss A's hair after a day of playing outside... and not brushing all the way to the bottom when she brushes in the morning.  I spend at least a half hour undoing all the snarls in the evening.
I feel so sorry for her... When I was small, my dad insisted I had to have long hair. But if you want me to confess to the Jimmy Hoffa disappearance or the Great Train Robbery all you have to do is pull my hair -- just a little.  Stop stop!  I confess!  Just don't pull it anymore!!  PULLLLEEEEZE!!!

At Quilt Guild we were given a new free pattern along with some fabric to take home and make donation quilts.  I pulled some scrappy strips from my bin, and a navy chunk for the outside edges.  All I need is a backing and some binding and this one is good to go.

We did some other strip quilts at family sewing night a couple of weeks ago.  These are from Aunt Zel's scrap basket...  Nancy sewed, I pressed, we got two tops done and a third started.

This is what happens when you leave Miss A in the back seat with nothing to do... she was playing with my Shape Cutter and snapped it into three pieces.  I won this as a door prize many years ago, so I supposed it IS time for a new one...

This amazing piece of work is the property of my cousin Amy.  All paper pieced and beautifully done.  I've always loved the Snail's Trail block.  Someday...

This is a pillow top done in Sashiko quilting that I finally finished.  I took a class at a convention from Nancy Schreiber about OMG I don't even remember how many years ago...  Sashiko is a Japanese hand quilting technique that was originally intended to create and mend clothing that the peasant class wore while working.  Layers made the clothing warm, and the quilting made it beautiful. 

It's more important for the stitches to be uniform than to be tiny, and there are rules about crossing stitches and how they meet at the intersections.  I did a decent job while in class, but then the piece got tucked away and forgotten.  When I pulled it out this past summer, I struggled to remember the rules. 

The next step is to find some coordinating fabric and complete the cover, and stuff with a 14 inch pillow form.

I guess we were on the ten year plan.
Happy Friday!
Sew on...

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