Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sweater Update

Remember this project from a couple of days ago?
It's finished!  It looks a whole lot better now, like you could put it on a child and their head would actually look out the front side correctly.  And I don't think you can even tell where I cut it apart and sewed it back together.  Can you?


All I can say is: Thank you Eunie Jang and Knitting Daily on PBS for showing me how to do error correction and the mattress stitch!  If you are curious about the mattress stitch you can go to knittingdaily.com or probably any other knitting site and get a tutorial.  Then there's always YouTube...  my favorite learning channel right now.

I sewed the sleeve seams from cuff to underarm, and hand stitched the zipper in the back... and voila!  Wearable sweater for a toddler.

Here's the second one my mystery knitter made:

Pretty darned cute!  And I love the yarn color.  It's sitting right on top of the burgundy one, you can see it peaking out around the edges.

I have so much fun at Family Sewing Night.  How lucky am I??  LOL!

Knit and sew on...