Thursday, April 17, 2014

Where Has The Time Gone??

I looked at the calendar today to check the date for something I was working on and it's April 17!  Where has the month gone??  Where has the year gone?  Does time really run faster these days or is it my imagination!?

Two weeks from today I'll be driving my car north to beautiful little Beaver Dam, Wisconsin for Sewing Weekend... WOW I AM EXCITED!!  Nancy's Notions warehouse will be bulging at the seams with stash enhancement opportunities and all the latest gadgets and patterns.

I love books and I love sewing, and books about sewing seem to send me right over the edge.  I have winnowed my collection of things that are outdated or unused.  I wonder if any of you picked up my old books at the Goodwill?  LOL!

Last month I cleaned out a small area in my big storage closet and tossed scraps and bits of old interfacings and stabilizers, discarded spools of thread where there appeared to be only wisps on the spools -- not enough for even filling one hand needle.  I also consolidated needles into full or nearly full cases and tossed all the empties.

By the way, did you know it's better to put all of your bent and broken pins and needles into a small container than just to toss them in the trash??  Oh yeah, ask me how I know this.  Also you should not just toss the container when you're done, most cities have a time for 'hazardous waste disposal' where you can get rid of things like old paint cans, etc. and you can toss your broken pins and needles at the same time.  And don't even THINK about using old dull needles in your sewing machine, or for anything else!

So the point of this whole post is that hopefully I am cleared out of old junk and ready to restock in Beaver Dam in a couple of weeks.  :-)

Color me happy!

Sew on...