Monday, July 1, 2013

Gramma, I'm Building A House...

Yesterday when I got home from Church, there was a very large piece of paper on my coffee table, with a smaller piece on top of it.  Miss A had been over visiting before I got there and had left me a sheet of "instructions" and a "plan".

-- the six year old version of this.


She's building a house in our back yard, and I have to help her.

OMG when you are six the world just looks like anything is possible!  She started collecting tree branches to build a house.  And not just a small playhouse.  Oh no!  No way.  She's going to build a regular house

with a pool and a hot tub inside,


a teeter totter

and two guest rooms.  She's planning that I will make her some quilts so people will be comfortable.  And since the guests might want to stay very soon, she thought I might need to get started.

Oh yeah, I have "blueprints" for those too, drawn up by you-know-you.

I'd better get busy!

Sew on!