Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend and Beyond

I took a couple of days off my paying job to make a long Easter weekend.  I love what I do but sometimes a two day weekend isn't enough.  I find myself thinking of all the projects I could start (or finish! lol!!) while I'm on a conference call or eating my lunch at my desk, and all I want is to get home and get to work.

Then I get home and collapse on the couch after dinner, and don't actually get anything done!  Sad but true, if I actually did all the projects I'm thinking about I would need 48 hour days.

So Friday the grands and I colored eggs.  Then we cleaned up and went out for lunch.  Big girl wanted to go to Red Robin, but little girl sometimes doesn't agree on the decisions, and hates their hamburgers.  But we managed to talk her into mac and cheese, and she said she loved it! 

Of course when Mom got home and we said where we went, she said "YOU went to Red Robin?  But you hate going there!!  We can never go there because you can't find anything you like!"

Then we went to visit one of my aunts.  She had asked me to take a pair of her daughter's parachute pants and make some pants for her granddaughters' American Girl dolls.  I wanted to drop them off.  I felt kind of bad because there weren't any tops with the pants.  But the pieces I got out of the pants were skinny and there wasn't a lot there, even if I let out the seams.

The pants were really cute, though.  With white tee shirts they should be just fine.

Saturday the other two grands came for a visit.  I let them play in the back yard and get all muddy.  We ate Jelly Belly Beans and had some giggles.

DH and I went to sunrise service on Easter Sunday.  We were home by 7:50 and I had a nice nap on the couch.  I did a little clean up in the sewing room and got a few things cut out.  I am searching for a jacket pattern that I know in my mind I bought a while back, but it may turn out that I just looked at it in the pattern catalog so often it seems like I SHOULD own it!  We'll see.

Today it was so lovely not to get up to make that ugly commute downtown.  The season of orange barrels in Wisconsin is upon us!  This was baseball's opening day game, so I'm sure lots of folks took off work today to attend that.  Not me, though... I much prefer to watch Little League ball, if I have a choice!

The girls and I ate pancakes for breakfast and hung up some pictures on the walls in the upstairs bedrooms.  We finished painting about six months ago, and I got tired of looking at the pictures lined up on the floor.  DH won't be happy that I made a couple of extra nail holes in the walls, where I changed my mind about what to hang.  The lucky thing is, the final picture was bigger so unless the picture falls off the wall for some reason, he might never find out!

Tomorrow it's back to work.  Ugh, I will have to put on stockings and comb my hair!  No more mud puddles for me this week...  but maybe I can pick up that pattern on my way home from the office!

Sew on...