Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Embarrassment of Riches

So this is what happens when you haven't used up all of your stash...  someone else has to sort through and decide what to do with your hoard.
Poor Ruth, she had such plans!  In this box is a kit for a pink baby blanket and a kit for a white afghan shown in the  next picture, patterns and all.  There are also two bags of yarn in sweater type quantities, one red and one green.

Afghan kit... complete with yarn to do duplicate stitch embroidery...
 This box held skeins and partial skeins.  I pulled out my yarn winder and made some cakes.

The brown box at the bottom of this pile was full of "misc balls of yarn" according to the label.  Yes there were small balls, and wads, and loops and a couple of skeins of cream yarn that were missing their labels.  I tossed a lot of little wads of the unidentifiable, the tiny and the otherwise unusable schnibbles.  I still had a box full of small bits. 

This was even after I donated a big bag of larger misc. skeins and balls to the preschool at our church for craft projects!

On top of the box is a pile of stuff, and next to the box is a bag that is overflowing with bulky yarn.  Sadly, that was mine before I added the endless treasures from Ruth! 

Lest you think I'm a total hoarder, the reason that bag is falling over is that I've been digging in there for yarn for the hats I'm knitting for Christmas.  I am NOT showing those yet... not that much of my family reads my blog but it's the principle of the thing you know.  Gifts.  Surprises.  'Nuff said.

I've knit so much this fall that I'm buying stock in pain-relieving hand lotions and rubs!  My knuckles ache on a regular basis.  In fact they're aching right now just looking at the picture of this bag.

Oh this little bonus bag?  This is the result of a trip to Michael's to replace a skein of brown that was wound into balls and then hopelessly lost in the embarrassment of riches that is my yarn stash!  I just needed ONE SKEIN to finish my project!


I justify it by saying it was all on sale, then I had a coupon for 15 or 20% off my total purchase so I would have been irresponsible not to purchase some if later I would have had to go back and pay MORE than I paid that day!

I know you get that... I know you would have done the same.  Or not.  LOL!

Knit on...