Friday, February 27, 2015

The Weather, and Under It

OK so maybe we don't have as much as the East Coast.

We have enough to make the birds unhappy...
And DANG but it's cold this week!  The normal high is in the low to mid 30's but we've been having below zero temps and/or wind chills for what seems like months.


And to top it all off, this week I'm under it.  The weather I mean.

This should give you some clues as to how I'm feeling.

Taking a lot of this.(I know, I've kind of got that same fuzzy feeling in my head...)

Drinking lots of water....
Using up a lot of these!

My boss says I sound like a frog on the phone.  I have coughed so much my sides ache, and not in a good way!
I am looking forward to a NICE quiet weekend of vegging on the couch.
Although I did get a new package of yarn yesterday --  but knitting doesn't seem too strenuous as long as the pattern is easy.  I grabbed up a kit for a baby sweater from the clearance section of Love of Knitting this week and it arrived quickly. 
Yeah, that much I think I am capable of.
As long as no one moves my tissues.
Knit on...