Friday, August 24, 2018


Here comes the bride!

This morning I'm having a cup of tea and a muffin, in the calm before the flurry of activity that is a family wedding.  Yes, today is DD's second (and hopefully final) wedding day.

Last night at the rehearsal we were sitting around trying not to get too many mosquito bites in Future Son-In-Law's back yard and I was thinking about when she was a little girl.  My memory of when I was small was that we girlfriends would imagine what our weddings would be like, but in actuality we did a lot of what our families expected instead of what we really wanted.

FSIL's father is a minister, and he's performing the ceremony.  He said exactly the right thing, that the wedding is about the two of them, and the rest of us are just honored but invited guests.  She's getting just what she wanted, as is he.

DH is a bit annoyed that he's being asked to 'give her away'.  Again.  He made a joke about how she keeps coming back -- ha ha!  Not!  I hope they DO keep coming back, but together (or separately) just to visit...  ;-)

I will miss living so close to the grands.  Miss A was over five days a week.  Since I retired I made a lot of sandwiches and salads for her lunches, and did a fair amount of her laundry.  I brushed her hair and did braids and pony tails many times.

I guess I could get a couple of dolls and do their hair!

Things change all the time.  There is no past or future, there is just now.  The moment is gone as soon as you live it.  I'll try to remember that, and live them well.

Whatever the Lord has for me to do next will be wonderful, and I am open to it!

Meanwhile, it's Friday!  That's cause for celebration in any week.  In a few short hours out of town family will arrive.  The girls will be here for a light lunch after having their hair done.  Things will get rolling.

I asked that the photographer use her best lens to make me look thin.  Wish me luck with that!