Friday, May 11, 2018

My Love Affair with Kaffe Fassett (Designs, that is!)

I started this post about two weeks ago, and got distracted by shiny stuff... or fabric or something.

The days until I retire from my full time job are just flying by!  Training a new person is exhausting and exhilarating at the same time, and I've got my fingers in so many other pots, it's a good think I have a calendar that reminds me where I should be!

I signed up for the Kaffe Fassett Collective Mystery Quilt, did you?  Evidently a bunch of folks did, there are even 'support' groups on Facebook and maybe Instragram! 

In case you didn't know, Kaffe Fassett started his design life as a knitter, and that's where I first 'met' him.  His eye for color, his philosophy of the more the merrier, was right in my wheelhouse.  Then he branched into fabric with stunning results.

This mystery quilt features the kinds of prints shown below.  When I got the box in late March or early April (ten free fat quarters??  Oh boy, oh boy!!) I was in love again.

My first block (actually 8 blocks) are below.  I chose the dark kit.  They offered dark or light at first, then added a pastel.  Pastels and I do not have a long-standing relationship...

Block three in May is the same block but different colors.

Evidently I deleted my picture of Block two.  It's a 35 patch, mine are green and black. 

Block two was a near thing, and reminded me of something vital:  Check your seam allowance!!  I sewed all the strips together on my Babylock, assuming the foot I was using was accurate.  Turned out it had a small metal bar that had gotten a bit out of alignment, and my 8 inch block was only 7 1/2 inches!  Sew I got some practice frog-stitching to use a knitter term... rip-it, rip-it!

Never assume anything, right? 

The most recent book purchase I made was this one... and I'm looking forward to making some pillows to go with my future quilt.

Oh, and did I mention I bought a bit more fabric??  Photos borrowed shamelessly from the 'design wall' of the website where I purchased them...

OMG don't you love them?  Of course I picked up a few, umm  several, yards at my local quilt shop too.  I wish I had a week to spend in the sewing room!

What are you working on?  Whatever it is, enjoy it.

Sew on...