Thursday, March 27, 2014


No, not the annoying song -- although some of you will have that running through your head like I do now.  You're welcome.

I've been feeling a little sluggish for the past week.  I have one of those girlie infections of the not fatal but really, really inconvenient variety.  That makes more than 5 in the past 12 months.  I have a referral to a urologist, and when I called for an appointment I got one - in MAY.

I need to set up an account at the urgent care, and just get an express line pass!

So I'm trying to figure out how to feel peppier.

Here's looking at you...
Then I had some floaters and flashing lights in my right eye -- which prompted a visit to the optical guy.  I have a follow up appointment next week, but so far it's just the aging process.

Oh joy. 

Work isn't helping, it's busy, it's the end of the quarter, maybe it's even a full moon.  People are cranky and they want everything yesterday.  One of my project managers just asked me about a bill we've been paying for something we've been buying annually for the past  13 years, and he acted like it was the first time he's ever seen it!

I'm praying for extra grace this week.  My mom used to say you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.  Who wants flies, I want to know??  I'm working to be nice rather than swatting...

The aunties are on a world tour looking for sunshine.  I miss them!  I could use a hug right now.

Maybe I need some retail therapy!!
OH NO, NOT this...
I think this time of year when everything is gray and brown, I get a little blue.  If I could only actually turn blue, it might be helpful.  I'm tired of winter clothes, and I can barely tolerate wearing my winter coat any longer.  I want to buy myself something in bright green and wear it for a week!

I use this method...
Trying to spend some time in my sewing room didn't work out too well last week because the place was such a mess I spent most of the time cleaning and reorganizing.  But I came up with some really good ideas for storage, using the things I already had.  And I spent about an hour cutting down a box of scraps into my favorite sizes and putting them in bins.  I almost feel ready to start a new project.

OK, I'm feeling better now.  Can't wait for spring!  I want to see the gazillion greens of southeastern Wisconsin, and my daffodils and heck, even dandelions!!
So Mother Nature, if you're reading this, bring it on.