Tuesday, May 2, 2017


I am so excited about this weekend that I'm practically vibrating!  My friend Suzi and I leave at the crack of o-dark-thirty on Thursday morning for beautiful downtown Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, for Nancy's Notions Sewing Weekend...

As near as I can calculate I've been going up to Sewing Weekend for 21 or 22 years.  And it only took me that long to figure out that I should take some days off after I get home so I can start working on some of the projects I am inspired to start after being there!!

I have souvenir pins going back to 1996.  I don't know how many years they've been giving out pins, but I think I went at least one or maybe two years before I started collecting them.

... so maybe 1995 or so was my first year.  Although it wasn't THEIR first year.  Plenty of ladies from the area around BD have been going since the first weekend.  If you're anybody in sewing, you've been there at least one time.

So I can hardly believe it's time to go, and again this year I have sewn nothing new to wear there.  :-(

Oh well, maybe next year.

Wednesday is my birthday, and for the first of many years, it's not one of the days I'll be in Beaver Dam.  I'll spend it cleaning out my car, packing my suitcase, and figuring out where my husband would like to take me for dinner.  The girls will come over for cake and I'm told there are presents involved.  Should be fun... if they don't light the number of candles that belong on that cake!

Life is good... thank you God for family, friends, health, interesting hobbies and decent weather for this weekend!

Rock on...