Wednesday, January 25, 2017

For the Love of Sewing...

The reason I sew is LOVE.

  • I love the creative process.
  • I love books, and my special love is books of patterns and projects.
  • I love to sew.  Anything.  Or almost anything.  I still draw the line at ugly fabrics.
  • I love fabric.  OMG do I love fabric.  My stash is my witness.
  • I love fabric stores.  I love their samples and projects.  I especially love sales and discounts!
  • I love people. I would never make it as a hermit.
  • I love to sew for the people I love.  I love that most of all.
OK I think you get it. 

I've been asked many times to do sewing projects for people who don't sew, and for some that do but find a particular project too daunting for their own skills or desires.  (Sometimes if it's a real corker like replacing a zipper in a leather jacket or something, I will pass.  Some things even I will not attempt!)

For example, while my cousin can and does sew perfectly well, she was not enamored of the process of adding the triangle pieces to the diamonds for her very complex quilt pattern.  Snail's Trail blocks that I found complicated did not daunt her!  So I volunteered to do the diamonds, because I know I am never making this quilt myself!

There are my cousin's diamond blocks.
I had a very enjoyable evening sewing these while chatting with the cousins and my aunt.  Time well spent.  She said "thanks".  I said "you're welcome".

My granddaughter in her
confirmation stole
Miss E likes craft projects, she did all the lettering and she definitely helped with the embroidery, but I enjoyed this as much as she did.

I made her the dress too.
Miss E designed this dress, I just executed her plan.  She said "Gramma, I love it!  Thanks!"  She looked spectacular in it.  
And of course the rock band project!
When Ben came to me with this project, I didn't realize that it would be so dangerous (I broke a few needles and bent my sewing machine)... and yet it was very enjoyable!  He was impressed.  And grateful!

My latest project was to cover some pillows for a friend at church.  Pillow covers are generally pretty easy.  Squares and/or rectangles, right?  The fabric she brought me was left from a chair reupholster project and she wanted some pillows to match.  She also found a contrasting solid for two other pillows.

The project was easy enough, although I decided to do cording and vary the closures, zippers on the smaller pillows and a button closure on the larger 18 inch squares.

The results were pretty impressive in my opinion... to me it's all about the fabric!

Two rectangular pillow forms, self cording, zipper closures.

Two large square pillows, plain fronts...
And button backs.  I found the
perfect buttons at Joann's.
This project was not complicated, but the result is impressive.  The only real challenge I encountered was that there wasn't a lot of fabric, especially of the print.  There were some extra seams where I pieced sections of the backs of both pillows, and I had some grain issues.  The back of one pillow goes across the grain on the underside and with the grain on the upper side.  Because the print is not directional, it's hardly noticeable.

The owner of the pillows loves them.  I say this not to brag but to remind myself (and you, dear followers) that any time we do something for someone we should accept their thanks and any praise that comes our way.  Say thank you, or you're welcome, or it was my pleasure.  It's OK to discuss the process a bit, point out the details you may have added.

And then shut up!

Accept the love.  Don't say "oh it was nothing".  Don't point out the flaws!!  If the person you are making the item for can't do it themselves, they will think it's magic.  If they could make it themselves, they would have done it, but they asked YOU.  They appreciate your talent and skill.  You should too!

Sew on...