Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Have A New Project!!

I'm kind of excited to say I have picked up a new project.  A young lady I know asked me if I knew someone who could make a baptismal dress from a wedding gown.  Do I?  Yeah, me! 

I picked up the dress and her chosen pattern last night.  I'm excited to get to work tonight, taking pictures of both and doing some planning.  The baby is due in November so I have some time.  My only worry is that since the dress is a strapless number with a pretty straight skirt, I hope the pieces of this very full baby gown fit on the available fabric.

I'm told there is a train folded up in the dress bag... so wish me luck!  There's a beaded overskirt that she wants used to cover the skirt of the baby dress.

Photos of the project will be forthcoming!

Sew on...

Sunday, August 5, 2012


There's a saying that goes:  when life gives you lemons, make

From my interactions with the dozens of folks I talk to on a daily basis, I think most of the world has forgotten this.  People like to complain.  Nobody wants to see the good side of anything.

Well, that's a gross generalization if I ever heard one!

Lots of people like to complain.  I like to complain once in a while.  Like when traffic comes to an absolute standstill on the freeway and there is no earthly reason why it should.  Or if the bag of fast food I used the drive-thru to buy ends up short one greasy sandwich.

But lots of people don't ever get beyond the whining and either do something about it or forget about it and move on.  There was one guy at my office who was perpetually gloomy, raining on everyone's parade about everything, never ever happy about anything.  Even in the present economic climate with so many people out of work he couldn't be happy about being employed.

I read somewhere that women love to talk about things and men like to solve the problem and get on with it... another gross generalization to which that guy in my office was the rule-proving exception!

There is a lot of bad stuff happening in the world.  There are lots of mean people, only out for themselves.  Bad things happen to good people.  Sometimes it's just traffic backing up, or you stubbed your toe.  Sometimes it's horrible, like a terminal illness or loss of a job.

For me, those bad times are a test of faith.  If you believe that God cares for you no matter what, you can live through the bad times and look at them as character builders. 

There ARE good people in the world, and if you reach out when you have a need, you will almost always find someone who will take your hand and help you.  To me there is nothing better than the company of a couple of girlfriends to help you through the tough times and put the positive back in your attitude.

If you're one of my girlfriends, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.  If you are part of a girlfriend posse somewhere, bless you.  If you are blue or lonely, find a girlfriend or two and start your 'therapy'.

And I will tell you one thing for certain -- there is nothing like the friendship shared by the people in the sewing world!  Guilds and sewing/quilting groups and sewing sisters are special people. 

Thanks for being you!

Sew on...