Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Resource Center Scores Again!

This week, like the last several, is flying past me in a blur!  Tuesday after work I stopped at a funeral visitation.  Then I rushed off to my local quilt guild meeting where I am the raffle chairperson.

The main program was our past president was showing her embellished quilts and telling stories about how they came about.  She does love her bling!  She talked about collecting things with an eye toward adding them to her quilts, and what inspires her to add things to her projects.

Last night Miss A came over with a request for a tan skirt for Friday morning for school.  Yeah, not exactly the four dozen cupcakes for my class tomorrow request, but close!

Tan is not a color I ever buy a lot of for garment fabric.  :-(  But we dug around and came up with a few things that might work... for a Paleo Indian costume.

Let me esplain --  as Ricky Ricardo would say! 

Their school does these fair-like presentations where the students prepare a display and often dress up to illustrate what they've learned about a subject.  Last year Miss A did one on Australia, animals you find there, what the cities are named, the desert, etc.  I had been there so she had some Australian money and a stuffed kangaroo.

Now she's doing a unit on Paleo Indians in Wisconsin.  Paleo is a word meaning ancient, according to Miss A.  It's archeologically 10,000 to 1,500 years ago according to Wikipedia.  So somewhere between the Garden of Eden and recorded history I guess!

Paleo Indians photo from the internet.

Hunting the mammoth...

We dug around until I stumbled across a box of clothing I had saved as potential material for doll clothes.  There was a sort of tan, faux suede skirt from when I used to dress up to go to the office, back when women work skirts and dresses regularly.  And heels.  But I digress.

The skirt had an elastic waist, so with the aid of a large safety pin we made it fit her.  In a flash of brilliance I offered to cut off the hem and make some fringe at the bottom.  Score!! 

Her mom had previously donated a couple of tan tee shirts, so we picked the one that matched best, and we may fringe that one tonight if we are so moved.

She also said she needed a piece of gray fabric for a cave roof.  She and her project partner made a cave out of a large cardboard box.  But they ran out of materials before they finished the roof, so we found a piece of dark gray fleece that will work.  We stuffed everything in a large plastic bag for transport to school.

You just never know when that resource center is going to come in handy!

I wish I could have scheduled time off tomorrow afternoon to go see the presentations!  I'll have to rely on Mom's cell phone video viewing later... I'm sure it will be both amusing and amazing.

Sew on...