Monday, April 23, 2018


I don't think I've missed this many days of blogging in years... I got busy and suddenly when I looked up, a whole month had passed!  I guess it's true, life speeds up as you start the 'over the hill' part of the journey! 

Today someone asked me how I was, and I gave my snarky answer, which is "pretty good, for a Monday"... implying that if it were another day, I might be better.  Then they asked me "how many more Mondays is it for you now?"

Wow, I had to think about that -- not that many!  To work at my full time job, that is.  I surely hope I have more Mondays in general. 

So official retirement comes at the end of June, so I guess there are fewer than a dozen Mondays left in my first career.  Because I've already started my post-retirement occupation at a local quilt shop, and they're closed on Monday, so that will be the third day of my weekend! 

What's been going on during the past month, you ask?  Trying to rack my brain, here are a few highlights...
I picked up my son's quilt at the place I took it to be longarm quilted.  It's quite nice!  I even made the binding one evening at my aunt's house (yeah, I actually sewed at Sewing Night!)

Easter happened.  We had a lovely brunch at a rather crowded restaurant.  Evidently the word has gotten out that the food is so good, a gazillion people made reservations.  It was Sardine City!

The church quilters had our Sew In day.  We started the Preschool Quilt and made good progress.
I took this photo of Bonnie as she was watching a demo.  I call it What Real Quilters Wear...

I signed up at the shop where I'm working part time for a class and a quilt mystery, both featuring Kaffe Fasset fabric.  The class is called Escher.  M.C. Escher was a graphic artist who specialized in figuring out how to create tessellations.  You know what those are, right?  They're shapes that fit into one another like a puzzle, and each piece is an exact duplicate of the others.

The quilt is in NO WAY this complicated...but for the life of me I could not figure out how it went together, and I can usually do that.  Thus, the class enrollment.

The Mystery is all over Facebook these days.  I have block one done, and have not picked up the kit for block two yet.  I'll do that tomorrow.

Training is ongoing for the woman who is replacing me.  I've been to Charlotte to meet her and start the process, and to Austin for a team meeting.  I received a very nice acknowledgement and thank you from the team.  One guy was so funny, he had a count of all the emails I've sent him in the 10 years I've been supporting him administratively!  We had a good giggle over that one...

The answer to the question is 9.  Nine more Mondays... although there is Memorial Day so one of those Mondays will actually happen on a Tuesday.

Oh, and I'm learning to do monograms on my embroidery machine!  But that's another post.

Sew on...