Friday, June 12, 2015

Happy Friday!

Sorry for not posting a bunch of interesting things this week.  The truth is my life has been a lot of working and not too much excitement this week!   Can it be I have been too busy living to blog?? Oh no!

I did get a new phone this week.  My old phone was not compatible with some of the workplace applications I need in order to do my job from home.  It also was not compatible with my tablet.  It kept telling me "I'm old, trade me in".  Finally did that on Sunday, now I just have to learn to use it!

My closet shelf is back on the wall.  Three of the four yarn hangers are back up. A BIG pile of clothing went to the Goodwill, so the rack is not quite so full now.  Seriously, did I think I was going to start wearing skirts again?? I kept three of the ones that were hanging there, my black funeral suite, and a couple of jackets.  The rest is being recycled.

Yesterday at 11 a.m. my favorite project manager came over promising to deliver some work no later than lunchtime.  Said work needs to be completed by end of day today.  Said work actually showed up on my desk at 4 p.m.  Yikes!  I put in a couple of extra hours and I'm planning to leave early today.  Fingers crossed...

Maybe I can get some sewing done this weekend.  That is if I can wrestle the machine away from Miss A, the newest Sewing Sister!

I love enthusiasm for new things.  She's going to be awesome once she gets her sea legs... but she can be very 'directive'.  At her young age, she's learning to work with people, but she knows I'm a dang pushover so this is how it goes...

A:  Gramma, I need to sew something.
G:  But honey, I have a project I need to work on.  Can't you do something else?
A:  I'll only sew for a little while.  I have to practice! 
G:  That's true.  Can you practice later?
A:  I really want to do it now.  Please?  I love you...
G:  OK, I'll do something else and you can sew for half an hour.
A:  An hour?  Did you say an hour?  That's pretty short!
G:  <groaning inwardly> OK, one hour.  Let's just see how it goes, OK?

Sew on...

Monday, June 8, 2015

Too Much Stuff!!

A while back I was blogging about the amount of yarn I have in my stash.  I should have quit while I was ahead!

Remember those hanging yarn stash shelves I bought to keep things straight?  I filled up four and still had overflow...

The worst happened.  On Sunday afternoon there was a loud THUMP from upstairs.  The hubster went up to see what happened.  He came back down and said "I shouldn't have gone up there".
So I went up to see.  The closet pole and shelf had come down.  ALL THAT YARN was spread out on the bedroom floor.  
To be fair, he didn't say too many bad words in my hearing.  He helped me stack it all up and pulled out the shelf unit.  He said "I can put this back up, I'll just need a few more anchors."
Well what do you know?  He's getting kinda mellow in his old age!  So now he has a pretty good idea of how much yarn I really have.  Well, not really... there's the stuff in the basement.  And in the downstairs hall closet.  And in the -- never mind!
I need to start moving this stuff.  I probably can't knit or crochet fast enough to get rid of it in my lifetime.  I should offer some of it for sale, and/or give some of it away.  Of course mitten season and doll sweater season are coming again, but really, I think I have learned a lesson.  Too much is too much!

How many of these does it take to make

a nice sofa afghan?
Knit on...