Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Sewing

This summer our quilt group from church is meeting on Saturday mornings instead of Sunday afternoons.  We're also skipping around on dates, instead of meeting monthly.  Vacations are getting in the way, I guess.  That's OK, it's too nice to sit inside in June and July OR IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE!!

I know it's still technically spring, but jeepers creepers, when are we going to get some nice weather??  Today's desk gadget says that here in downtown, near the lakefront, it's 66 degrees.  There was fog this morning and there is haze now.  Yuck.

People often donate things to our group, and the latest acquisition is a sewing machine.  It's a Montgomery Ward and I think the model number is 1265.  I forgot to look more closely at the manual.

So a week ago when we met on Saturday morning, I grabbed it out of the bin and tried to clean it up.  And did it need cleaning!!  Sorry to say, more cleaning than I was capable of.  It still runs well, the tension is fine, and with a  little TLC it will be put to good use for our charity projects.

The funniest thing about it was that it has a kind of unusual thread path.  I told Suzy that it has been ages since I've had to look at the threading diagram on a sewing machine!

Our new old machine!
We counted up our quilt tops, kits and finishes.  We sent 50+ dresses and 30+ pairs of shorts to the group that's going on a mission trip to Burkina Faiso.  We're well stocked on baptismal quilts and we have a large box of charity quilts ready to be distributed.  Our new fall projects might include some Quilts of Valor type projects, if we can acquire some red/white/blue and other fabrics appropriate to the cause.  (Usually we get florals and baby prints, not too often do we get themed fabric or specific colors.)

Then I saw this on a trip through some blogs the other day... lots of jeans patches, I wonder if this is something we could do for fall?  Hmmm, I'll file that one away for future reference.

Sew on!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Spam, and my apologies

I have been away from my blog for a while... things are going crazy at work, I've been putting in lots of hours and trying to keep my head above water.  My boss retired and I've been planning his retirement parties in addition to everything else.

So imagine my complete horror when I looked at the blog today and saw a gazillion comments on a post, and they were all SPAM!

I apologize for not knowing about filters, and if anyone got spammed by my spam.  Ugh, WHY do people do that?  Nothing better to do, I guess.

Anyway, today I am attempting to organize my projects and get some stuff done.  I'll try to pay more attention and keep the junk off my blog.  I'll also try to keep it up better!

I'm knitting some more AG doll sweaters and we're going to be receiving a new doll in the next UPS shipment -- Audrey Anne will be joining  the family from Target in honor of granddaughter number 3's sixth birthday.  I can hardly wait until she gets here.  They will both have blonde curly hair and blue eyes.  I've made her a box of clothes too, so this should be fun.

I also need to make myself a new red tee shirt -- my old one has faded to a soft pink and no longer goes with the jacket I wore over it.  I picked up some soft red cotton knit fabric in Beaver Dam in May so I'm ready to sew.

Now if I can just remember where I put it...

Sew on!