Monday, May 4, 2015

May, Glorious May!!

I love the month of May.  It's just so awesome... in Wisconsin it could be cool at the beginning but it's definitely the beginning of the warmer weather.

I was watching something on PBS on Sunday night about Wisconsin, and the things they showed about our state in the spring were gorgeous!  Did you know that when Wisconsin was settled, it was heavily wooded with pine?  And those pesky loggers, well they just tore into it to feed their lumber mills and build and build and build.  Then some conservationists decided to reseed, and planted such a huge variety of trees that we now have that wonderful season, Fall Colors.

But in the spring, that huge variety of trees colors our state with every shade of green that you can imagine, and several that you can't.  Pantone has NOTHING on Wisconsin when it comes to greens in the spring.

My birthday is in May too.  I had some green there, too.  The girls gave me some birthstone earrings, emerald green.  And this lovely bit of chocolate cake:

It was approximately four slices, but that's OK.  See, my daughter's birthday is the day before mine, and we gorged ourselves on cake on that day too.

So now my favorite part of May is coming up... Nancy's Notions Sewing Weekend!  This year it's May 7-9 in beautiful Beaver Dam.  And it is beautiful.  (Remember, it's in WISCONSIN!)

As in the past I'm taking off several days from work and from blogging to immerse myself in sewing and quilting goodness. 



I'll be back to blogging some time after May 10, and I'll tell you how much fun I had!

Sew on...