Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I know, October is almost half over, and I should have reminded you sooner... but maybe I forgot to remind myself!  I made my appointment in September. 
I went out to the internet and did a search for artwork for Breast Cancer Awareness.  I think we're all aware, but sometimes we think it might apply to everyone else, not ourselves.
Seriously ladies -- if you haven't done this yet, this is a good reminder that you should be making an appointment to get your annual mammogram!!
I love the humorous ones most!  This one tickled me...

Self exams are extremely important.  Your doctor only sees you annually or a couple times a year, maybe less, but you know how you 'feel' every since day.
This is how you do it...

And this is a reminder of what cancer cannot do:

Just do it...