Friday, February 10, 2017

Where Did The Week GO?

I can't believe I haven't posted this week.  Well, no, actually I can. Life has been pretty crazy lately.

My youngest Grand stayed overnight with me twice this week.  DD has had a busy schedule.  It isn't any trouble, Miss A is very self-directed, but I enjoy the time spent in math homework or reading with the kid, or just chatting!  I'd rather be doing that than laundry or even sewing.  (Gasp!)

Last week I joined a Knit-Along at a local yarn shop, and I've been busy knitting a lovely green sweater while watching pre-recorded programs on TV in the evening.  My stock of Jeopardy recordings is huge, I'm watching the January shows right now.

This is where I separated for the sleeves and body.  I've
knitted another five inches past that now.
At work I was part of a Project Manager training class from Monday through Thursday... I absorbed a lot of technical knowledge and hopefully that will be of benefit to my work life in the future.

We're mid-stream with our Call Process for a new Pastor at our church.  We had good news, our top choice is coming this weekend for a visit with the congregation, bringing in his wife and youngest child.  That involves a dinner on Saturday evening.  I'm on the clean up crew.  :-)

My friend Suzi the Quilter had a birthday this week.  I hope to have a surprise for her this weekend and wish her many happy returns of the day.

Yesterday I had THREE conference calls or meetings nearly back to back.  I barely had time to go to the rest room between meetings...  those days are so difficult that when I get home after work I just veg out after supper.


At this point I'm saying I am so thankful that my DH does so much at home!  His life contributions give me the ability to do what I do.  As my oldest Grand would say, I Literally Cannot imagine what I would do if he wasn't doing what he does!

I am glad to have a weekend to look forward to... there is no family sewing tonight because my dear Aunt is in Florida with some friends, enjoying the sun and the surf.  Tomorrow I'll enjoy a pot luck supper as only the Lutherans can do them, and on Sunday afternoon I will take a nice long nap on the couch, maybe with my knitting in my lap or maybe with a cat there instead.

Have a good one yourself!

Sew on...