Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Might Have to Rename The Blog...

Yeah, Susan has not had a lot of time for sewing lately.  Although I've THOUGHT about sewing a lot.

You've ready my room cleaning binge post.  My right shoulder is still suffering the effects of that one.  I have rotator cuff tendonitis... I guess I should store my fabric in smaller bins or something!  Having to heft those big ones when they're full is creating more issues than it's solving.

I DID sew some small strip sets the other day for a quilt I'll be demonstrating this weekend.  It's a zig zag that's done without triangles.  I found a tutorial on someone's blog and tried it.  Here's the link if you want to see it.

But one of the ladies in our church quilt group wants to make one, so I was trying to find instructions to cut a kit for her.  And I had to try it out to see how much fabric is required for the size we usually make.

I pulled a bunch of precut strips and sewed them together.  I was using 2 inch strips instead of the three inch referenced in the tutorial, so mine is considerably smaller.  But cute.  Very cute.

I wanted to do a rainbow effect.  I chose white as my solid.  It's working out well. 

See?  Oh yeah, you know how I am about photos.  Hopefully I can add some when I remember to take them.

Meanwhile, if you can --

Sew on...