Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Quilt Guild Wonderful-ness!

My local quilt guild is a pretty nice group of ladies.  We meet monthly at a local library and generally have a pretty good time with some topic or other, fellowship, show and tell, the works.

We also have a monthly raffle.  Each chance is 50 cents and the prizes depend upon how much shopping the person who runs the raffle has done, and the quality of said shopping.

Not everyone enters every month, and not everyone takes more than one chance at the drawing. 

When I joined the guild, there was only one winner each month.  If there were 50 people in the room, there would be one very happy person, and 49 very sad people who hadn't won.  I always bought two chances because I usually kicked in a dollar, and I NEVER WON.

So last year when the raffle position came up, I raised up my little hand and said "I will do that".

I'm not sure what the person before me spent, or how much was realized from the kitty while she was doing it.  We usually had some kind of kit or fabric assortment for a prize.  Again, I'm not sure whether she used coupons or shopped sales, sometimes you can guess what an item might have cost by what local shops are charging -- a jelly roll is pretty much the same price no matter where you go.

I'm averaging a pretty nice pot of money and I decided that it's more fun when more people win.  Our president said "run it however you'd like to do it", so the first month I went out and got several notions and a pattern book.  The response was pretty good, a couple of the members even emailed me after and said how nice it was that there was more than one winner.

In my travels to various retail venues, I've spotted new notions, and things that seemed like they'd make live so much easier for a quilter.  Sometimes they're on sale, and I've used coupons to get the most value I can.  I've even gotten a few donations from a few people so that stretches the money even further.

Anything from Nancy is an instant favorite.

These silicone fingertips were such a hit I gave some away on two different occasions.

Since the fingertips worked, we tried an iron rest.

Of course who doesn't love books about quilting??

So the success of the monthly drawing is confirmed, everyone likes the new format, and the more they enter, the more prizes we can purchase.  Win-Win!

Of course I'm still dealing with those one-chance purchasers, and my pocket book is always on the heavy side until I shop...

Incentive?  LOL!!

Sew on...