Thursday, February 1, 2018

Finishing Things!

Yesterday was the last day of January, and I can mark a few things on my list of Finished Items for 2018.

I've had a slightly battered pillow form sitting on my pile for about two years, just waiting for a cover.  My living room is blue and tan, my bedroom is blue and tan, my den is green and tan... noticing a pattern here.  I like splashes of bright color against my sort of neutral backgrounds.  So I was straightening up and came across a lovely piece of leftover quilted fabric that I had kind of earmarked for a doll project.

The last time I sewed for dolls was about a year ago, so whatever idea I had has completely slipped my memory.  But I really like this fabric so I pulled the two UFOs together.  The rectangle of quilted fabric fit perfectly around the pillow with enough room for a seam allowance.  Three seams under the presser foot later and here we are... finish number one!

There is pink here, but the background is tan so it will work in the living room or the bedroom.

The newest start of the past 12 months was the table runner that my son requested.  Before Christmas it was done to the point of binding.  Last night I added the binding and called it a completion!  Finish number two.

The back is a little surprise, some blue and white Star Trek fabric that I picked up in North Carolina this past September.  The strips include barcode fabric, fishing lures and dog bones.  I hope his cat doesn't mind!

Last but not least I put some 6 inch borders on my Blue Brick Road (the pattern is Yellow Brick Road, the fabric is blue).  Now it's ready to be dropped off at the quilt shop so they can do the quilting on their long arm machine!

I took a picture of it before it had the borders but I have no idea which device I used and I didn't post it anywhere, but here's the pattern.

What I intend to complete in February is this red/black/white quilt that I started maybe four or five years ago... if not more.  My favorite aunt gifted me the center blocks and I added the border geese which made them into stars.  I just have to locate the bin they're in.

I surprised myself, two completions and a quilt going to the longarmer; it's a good start for 2018!

Sew on...