Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Garland is Hung!

Last night I finished my special office garland, and today during the lunch hour I hung it up...  My cube is on a row end, with a frosted pane of glass at the top.  Perfect for viewing anything from either side.
What I see from inside...
What you see from the outside.
Do you think there's any chance of winning the decorating contest??  LOL!  Only about four or five cubes are decorated at all.  I think my chances are better than average.  I wish I had remembered to bring the small clippies, then I could have done a better job of fastening these to the glass.  Maybe tomorrow.

Here are a few from others.

The probable front-runner, so far.
The view from one aisle over.
Someone hung these beauties with some lights.

A good decoration for a guest office???
 Happy Aaron Rodgers Day, Wisconsin!
and sew on...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy Holidays! And Sew On...

I work in an office with about 100 engineers, scientists, planners and technical people.  Our office is kind of modern, although we're in an older building.  We have lots of gray and white surfaces, black textured carpet square and funky blue and green accessories.  And of course the obligatory office machines, boxes of copy paper and other festive items.

Can you see the stuff in the background???
We have a holiday pot luck luncheon and people can decorate their cubicles for special occasions if they wish.  Imagine what types of decorations the average scientist will come up with...

Although I have come to realize that if you string ANYTHING together in a long streamer, it has become acceptable to call it garland...

We all have stockings hung by Santa's elves on our cube entrances and doors.  And they did a lovely job on the tree in the lobby.  We even have a couple of Santa's reindeer hanging around.

I was sewing some small nine-patch blocks the other night and thought how cool would that look if I string them together and hang them on point??  Hey, I can decorate my cube wall with these and look festive and different from paper clips!  AND be totally unique, because I have to tell you very few of the staff in this office can sew a stitch!


I'm going to finish them up tonight and hopefully hang them tomorrow.

Sew on!