Wednesday, February 22, 2017

List of Things To DO!

My To-Do list keeps getting longer, and I don't seem to have as much sewing time as I wish I had.

I know, preaching to the choir, right?

I'm reading blogs where people are working on the Splendid Sampler or some other stitch-along and I see new fabrics and fun patterns and I'm so envious...

My list of things to do, in no particular order:

  • Finish the car quilt for our re-retiring pastor... I have the center medallion done but I need to do some embroidery and fill-in blocks.  Others are doing the border.
  • Start (and eventually finish) a donation top for the church guild.  It's mostly cut out.
  • Clean up my sewing room - again.  haha!
  • Help Miss A finish up her quilt back to replace Blankie.  She is piecing both sides and the top is done.
  • Start an exercise program.  Ugh.
  • Put borders on two donation quilts.
  • Bind a quilt that's currently out for quilting (Thanks, Suzi!)
  • Finish my knit-along Agnes sweater (five inches or so, and sleeves)

  • Finish my green Lady's Sweater from last year (just sleeves now...)
  • Knit the second sock for Miss E.
  • Finish wall hanging for church nursery.
  • Complete my tax returns.  Double ugh.
  • Organize my desk.
  • Take my Viking machine in for service.
  • Embroider baptismal napkins.
  • Embroider crosses on some altar napkin.

I'd better stop there, I'm making myself depressed...

Last week I stopped at the Goodwill and scored several great bargains.  I picked up an ironing board, in super shape with a clean cover and pad on it too, for $9.99.  We can use it with our new Big Board.

Then I also spied a Brother sewing machine for $9.99.  It doesn't have a cord or a foot pedal, but I have a Brother embroidery machine that converts to a sewing machine that has the same cords.  I never use the foot pedal because I never switch over to the sewing machine, since I have other options, so I'll find that and us it on the new machine.  I may have to buy a power cord but that's all.  The feet and accessories are all interchangeable so score on that one!

Last thing was a wooden folding TV table for $3.  I've seen a small ironing station made with a wooden folding table that this will work for.  My cousins and my aunt have made them, and I'm planning on making one too.  Here's a picture from Pinterest.

I hope your day is going well...  It's starting to feel like spring, which I know is wrong since it's still Wisconsin and it's only February.  I may try to take a walk in the neighborhood this evening.

Sew on...