Thursday, November 15, 2018

Too Busy To Blog???

Oh. My. Goodness.  When I looked at when I blogged last I was astounded!  October 25?  As Rita Farro would say, seriously people??  LOL!

Since that last post I have done a LOT of cleaning in my resource room, cleaned out and sorted every closet in my house, bought a new dining room set (more on that later) and provided two title companies with a ton of paperwork for two closings.  Luckily those closings are now OVER and DONE!  As of a week ago I am a renter in the house we're currently living in.  As of today I officially own a condo that someone else lives in!  I. Love. It.  😂

Moving will be some time in January, TBD.  Our 'tenant' is building so it all depends upon his occupancy permit.

I successfully reduced my paper garment pattern stash by 50%.  I had stored them in pattern boxes, and I think they hold about 20-25 patterns each, depending upon how fat the envelopes are.  I'm down to five boxes.  This includes all of the purse and bag patterns that came in paper envelopes.  The decision was a good one; I only kept the ones I loved and/or had made before successfully.  The rest have gone to a thrift shop.

Then next big project was gift wrap/boxes.  The kids know that we do not toss the boxes on holidays, just get rid of the wrapping paper and the ribbons.  Not that those matter, because over the years I've purchased wrapping paper of all sorts from all sources, like schoolkids selling to support some school project, and I've stocked up on the after Christmas sales.  I also save those gift bags, and the tissue.

Last time the church quilt guild met we pulled out the anniversary quilt to air and refold and we repressed the acid-free tissue we use to store it in its acid-free box.  Someone said "you press tissue paper?"  Yes, several of us do... and especially when it's acid-free and kind of expensive to replace.

So now I have a veritable rainbow of tissue paper, both plain and fancy, all sorted and stored in ONE place this time instead of willy nilly on closet shelves!

In my defense, I did toss the torn stuff, and the wrapping paper scraps that I was going to use to wrap that one small package that only takes an 8 inch square...

I donated three large bins of perfectly good garment fabric to a charity shop that supports three local Lutheran schools.  I hope someone loves the pieces as much as I must have when I bought them!  I think I can probably come up with a couple of additional bins if I try.

My dining room table has been replaced by a lovely medium brown table that is the right height, not two inches too high for my elbows.  AND I only paid $35 for it at the Salvation Army store!  Such a deal!  It cleaned up nicely and I love it.  We ordered some chairs from Wayfair.  we spent an evening putting them together, and the marriage survived, although it was a near thing when DH said he didn't like them.  After being told that they would be returned and HE could shop for chairs, he changed his mind.  Duh.

The old table had the most gigantic legs, and a thick, beveled top.  See how high the chairbacks are?  You could not get near the table unless you went between them, at least I couldn't, so to set anything down on the table I had to be either at the corner or between chairs.

The new table is darker brown, and the top is Formica, unlike the wood top on the old one.  No one ever remembered to use a coaster, and I was constantly harping about white rings from the moisture!

I love these chairs, they don't hit at a bad spot on my thigh like the old ones did, and since they're several inches lower at the back, my kitchen suddenly looks like a ballroom!

So when all is said and done, I'll be loving my new dining room!  The quest is on now to get a china cabinet that at least coordinates.  I hope to be able to display my collection of amber colored depression glass in the new place.

One week to Thanksgiving, and I need to start planning the dinner.  I expect we'll have somewhere around 9 for dinner and football.  I have Friday off from the shop, then Saturday I'll be working on Small Business Saturday.  Please get out there an support the locally owned shops so they stay in business and can continue to give everyone the excellent customer service that is so absent in the big box chain stores!

Back to cleaning/packing... LOL!!

Sew on...