Monday, July 9, 2012

995 and Weekend Accomplishments

I am happy to report that I had a wonderful five whole days off work, and I spent some time in my sewing room!

Ta DA!!  Last Friday I put the inner borders on the Bargello wall hanging from hell... all I have to do is sew on the outer 4 inch border and it will be ready for a backing.  How to quilt it is the question.  It's got nearly 2000 pieces in it, some of them are only showing 1/4 inch.  I am not an experienced machine quilter, nor do I enjoy it.  Hmmmm, this one will bear some contemplation.

I have to say, I like the colors.  It goes from darkest brown to cream and from light teal to dark.  I have a space in my upstairs hall where it will be the perfect thing to brighten an empty cream wall.

There hasn't been much time for the Phone Guy's Wife blocks recently, but I did finalize my layout decision.  I'm doing 'sashing as you go', which looks very nice and not so busy when you lay them out.  I cut 1 1/2 inch sashing strips from white, and 1/1/2 inch squares from dark green.  This is just a section of the new layout.  My design wall is too small for much more, but you get the idea.

I need a big spot to lay them out so I can make sure the colors kind of balance out.

995, what's that about?  Tonight that's how many views my blog has gotten!  I have posted 88 blogs before today, and I have three followers.  So someone must be reading without following or else I come here a lot!!  Anyway, thanks for the visits, however many you may have made.

Last thing for today... I went to the big chain to buy some stash fabrics for our church quilt group.  They had cottons for 40% off, and I had some cash.  I picked up some things that will hopefully make our big bin of calico florals into some interesting combinations.

Big Bin

New Fabrics
I realized when I took this photo that I was going to pick up some pink and rose colored stuff too, but I must have been distracted by the person at the cutting counter.  She was literally telling the customers her life story and offering high fives when someone said something she agreed with.  Lucky for me the person who was doing my cutting was paying attention to what she was doing.

Also over the weekend I cut a ton of stuff for kits for the church ladies.  I start with a group we've decided looks cool together.

Then I read the 'recipe' and cut the pieces.
Obviously NOT the same bunch as above... but you get the idea.
Then it all goes in a Ziploc bag.  Ready for transport, with the name of the pattern on the bag or a copy inside.

Everyone's building their own portfolio of patterns and they have their favorites.  As long as I have the cutting directions, I can keep people busy.  I wish I had a photo of the last batch of finished quilts to show you.  Next time we have them laid out, I'll try to remember to do that!

Here's my batch for this Sunday's get together:

Now to get to that pink dress...