Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Colors -- Fall and Otherwise

This morning the temperature outside was a chilly 48 degrees F when I left my house.  Brrrr...

The summer we had in Wisconsin was not all that summery.  We didn't have a single day where the temperature exceeded my ability to tolerate it, although the humidity did its best to make up for it.  Many days the air conditioner was running just to take the moisture out of the day or night.  I will admit that I can't sleep if it's sticky out. 

So normally right now I'm thinking about my wardrobe shift -- pulling out sweaters and jackets that I haven't been wearing all summer.  Except that I HAVE been wearing them all summer...  lol!

The changing color of the trees and leaves starts a process for some of us who live where that happens.  We are familiar with the term 'fall color' here in the Midwest.

From the Weather Channel... it's just starting here.
This is what it will look like in a couple of weeks... brilliant!
But those are not my best colors, even if they are lovely in nature.

I'm more on the top half of this color wheel -- and toward the center, brighter colors in blue, green, purple.  Although I do wear lots of red that's blue-red as opposed to orange-red, and brown that is darker, red-brown as opposed to yellow-brown.

This time of year I love to shop for school supplies too.  Many times I buy a new box of crayons for myself just because I can.  I like a big box, with many colors.  96 is not enough!

Did you ever wonder why Crayola doesn't colorize its boxes?

See how cool that looks when they transition?  Like a rainbow.
 Personal color and quilt color are two very different concepts too.  What looks really nice in a quilt, like what looks good in nature, is not necessarily what you want to wear. 

Good either way.
Not so much...

I am trying to find some time to sew up a couple of pairs of dress pants for myself.  I'm tired of black.  I'm even a bit tired of navy.  I picked up some olive and some gray fabric at Gayfeathers in Madison.  They should coordinate with my pseudo-wardrobe pretty well. 

Now where are they selling the extra time??

Sew on...