Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sewing Weekend

Today we're having a sewing day at church.  The ladies will be meeting in two hours to finish the Pastor's retirement quilt and do other fun stuff.

If you want to read about the best girlfriends weekend ever, you should go to Rita's blog here:  Sewing Weekend  because Rita Farro will be there, and her explanation is about as good as it could be.

Sew on...

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter Weekend - Updated!

This is the first Easter weekend in I don't know how many years that I didn't have to make a big family meal.  I kind of missed having everyone over but not having to do all the cooking and cleaning up both before and after was a very nice experience.

DD treated her dad and me to a very nice brunch at a local watering hole. 

Definitely not a hole in the wall!!  The restaurant was lovely, so was the extensive buffet, and the desserts -- well it's an overused expression but they were to die for.

The church services this year were as well done as I've ever seen them.  Lenten services presented short dramas, conversations with various participants during Passion week as they were imagined by the writer of the program.  Maundy Thursday communion service and Good Friday's service of darkness led up to a wonderful Easter Festival celebration.

Cap that off with cheesecake and I'm not sure it would get any finer.  If only the rain had held off until AFTER the Sunday School egg hunt, but what's a little mud between friends?

I spent a LOT of money on thread on Saturday, LOL!

Laughing because I went to Frank's Sewing Center to buy thread and ended up buying a floor model of a Koala Cabinet... it's a long story.  DH says that Suzi and I are not allowed to buy any more thread!!
This base and its hutch (hiding behind it) need to go...

Where this big mess lives!! 
I spent Saturday and Sunday afternoons clearing out the space where the cabinet will go and it doesn't look quite so bad anymore.  Right now it's living in DH's parking spot in the garage.  His poor car is suffering the elements.  :-(

The sacrifices some people are asked to make for the arts!!

Sew on...