Monday, November 4, 2013

Craft Fair Redux...

I experienced my second 'first' craft fair on Saturday, to mixed reviews.

Let me explain the second-first comment.  Last year, a woman at church was having a booth at the craft fair and she didn't think she had enough merchandise to fill a table, so she invited me to join her.  I was making small cosmetic bags for gifts, so I made more.  I also knitted some of those skinny scarves that are so popular.

I sold 6 bags and no scarves, but Jean sold a lot of her little cell phone holders and some pillows she made.

This year, I was taking a booth at the same craft fair with my 18" doll clothes.  I invited a friend from work to bring her beautiful hand-made necklaces and earrings and share my table.

Saturday dawned chilly and a little damp.  We went to set up and I was surprised that there were only about half the vendors as compared to last year.  There was the Pampered Chef and the Tastefully Simple of course, and Bill's Xmas Crafts (very cool decorative items for the holidays), plus one jewelry vendor, the Scentsy people and 31.  I'd never heard of 31 until last year, but her booth seemed to be the place to be!

Ours was very cool, I thought.

Of course I attracted every little girl in the place.  Too bad there weren't that many little girls!!  Although I do have to say that I sold a respectable amount of outfits.  The sweaters and the GB Packer shirts seemed to be the most sought after items.  Note to self:  more PINK.  Little girls like PINK.

I still have about half my stock, so I'm looking for another not-to-expensive venue, and what's left will either go to the little girls I know for gifts or be put away for next year. 

BTW I couldn't see the pink sweater my model was wearing because I didn't get the buttons sewn on!  But I sold the hat she was wearing, along with about six others.