Wednesday, July 11, 2018


I love being barefoot in the summer, but since this summer is so hot, and the air conditioner seems to be running all the time, my feet get cold so I wear socks in the house.  I have slippers but they get too warm sometimes.

Miss A wears socks inside her tennies and during the school year she would often come over without socks, or with one sock.  We wear the same size shoes so she's prone to borrow both my socks and my shoes (if she can get away with that!)

I have noticed that when she wears my socks, I often never see them again!  Since we get her morning laundry which is mainly pajamas, and her evening laundry gets washed at home, I have no clue where the socks go unless she happens to bring them over.

We discussed that the other day with her mom.  It would appear from that conversation that the socks have gone into the black hole of kid laundry, where sometimes they come back and sometimes they don't!  But if it's any comfort, her mother's socks have joined mine in that mystery place...

I particularly love hand knitted socks.  I have successfully (more or less) knit three pairs of socks and quite a number of single socks that never became pairs.  I guess I have Second Sock Syndrome, that is, I can knit one but I have trouble finishing the second one, or getting it to match the first one so that they can legitimately be called a pair.

Hand knitted socks, NOT knit by me.

Self Striping yarn is fun.
I own a lot of sock yarn... which has the potential to be socks if I just get my act together.  I admire people like Stephanie McPhee, aka Yarn Harlot, who can knit socks while she rides a bike or climbs Mount Fuji.

I struggle.

I have knit a couple of pairs of yoga socks... which leave off the hard parts like heels and toes!

Yoga socks, also not knit by me...
I signed up for a four part Sock Toolbox class at my local yarn shop, Cream City Yarn in Brookfield.  Hopefully by the time the class is over I'll have gotten over Second Sock Syndrome, at least partially.  I'm sure if I don't it won't be for lack of trying on their part!

I can't decide between two yarns.  I love the blue one in the center but it's really skinny yarn and would take longer to knit, but the black & white is already wound into a cake.  I'm leaning in that direction, although the blue would make beautiful socks!

I just found out I am supposed to be knitting a test swatch of the yarn I pick, then wash and dry it before class!  If Miss E gets up and decides we need to go shopping that will cut in on the swatching time and narrow the choice to the one swatch I can actually finish.

Boy this knitting stuff could be stressful!

Swatch on...

Sunday, July 8, 2018


Last time I blogged it was July 2, Day One of my retirement.  Next thing I know it's a week later!

The first week went like a whirlwind.  I honestly can't believe it's passed!  I got a text on Friday morning from my successor, and she said "I'm sorry to bother you.  I was trying to get through a whole week without having to ask you any questions!"  I said "Congratulations to making it all the way to Friday before you did!"

Things I did this week instead of going to work:

  1. Got a haircut, and didn't have to rush to the appointment, or home from it.
  2. Had lunch with some friends and lingered over iced tea after the meal was done.
  3. Spent three short shifts at the quilt shop and didn't spend as much as I earned.
  4. Went shopping with Miss A at the book store and enjoyed our usual beverage and cookie... again unrushed.
  5. Had a great time with the hubby at a family wedding.
  6. Sewed one column of blocks for my Escher quilt top.
  7. Cleaned up my sewing room so I can invite my friend Pam over.
  8. Went to the library and picked up my books on CD.

Things I did not do:
  1. Drive in rush hour traffic.
  2. Set my alarm clock.
  3. Put on heels.

I would call this week a success!

Rock on...