Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Actuality of Moving

Oh. My. Gosh.  When I started actually LOOKING at my house to see what a buyer would see, I see clutter.  Clutter.  More clutter.

It is good stuff, don't get me wrong, but there is a lot of it!  Stuff all over.  Organized to MY mind, but probably not to someone else's.  And would my rooms look bigger if there weren't such a pile of stuff in every corner, nook and cranny?

For example, what IS all that stuff on top of the fridge?  I am height-challenged, therefore I never see that, but if the real estate person takes a picture of it?  Bad news!

Not the top of MY fridge, but close!  Mine is not this neat.
Boxes.  I need boxes.  There are many things that can be packed and put in the garage, but I need boxes to do that.  We have been diligently cutting apart and recycling all the boxes we've gotten when we order by mail, and now I wish I had saved a few.

I wish we had had a bit more time to think about this before we decided to move.  Well, we didn't actually decide; our tenant decided to move and that made our decision for us.  Which is fine, but whoa!  The stuff. 

I have a lot of sewing and craft stuff in my basement.  I'm determined to cut kits and return the church group's fabric to them all ready to sew.  That will eliminate some of the stuff.  But not enough, and of course it all depends on what we find to move into! 

I have two or three large bins of fabric scraps suitable for making doll clothes.  My girls are beyond dolls now, and the craft fair business is no longer on my bucket list.  I loved making the clothes but you really need an outlet for that stuff.
I think I may pare down my stock of sewing machines too.  However, I'm not sure how I will go about that.  A rummage sale takes time, and there may not be that much time left.  My real estate guy thinks the house will sell in a weekend.  Well, he is young, optimistic and he hasn't actually been inside!

The rental unit needs to be cleaned and painted.  A few minor repairs are required, as in every house that actually gets lived in.  Some of that can be hired out once the tenants are out.  I guess it's not the end of the world, but we spent lots of happy times here, and it is sad to leave.  We love the neighborhood too, and have good neighbors on the block.  The next owners will be lucky.

All in all, I'd rather be sewing!

Move on...