Monday, December 17, 2018

Knitting Lessons

I love to knit.  I love blogs about knitting, especially Stephanie Pearl McPhee, aka the Yarn Harlot.  She's written tons of great blog posts and about a dozen books about knitting that are easy reads and will make you alternately laugh and cry, sometimes within seconds of each other.

One of the gifts I ordered for myself this Christmas (story for another blog post...) was SP-M Casts Off.  It arrived today, and I cannot wait to open it.  It's not a new book.  Published in 2007, it's a travelogue through the land of knitting.  But it's new to me and I'm really looking forward to a good long late night, not ready for sleep read.

A friend from our quilt guild admired the socks I knit and I offered to show her the ropes if she wanted to stop over some day.  She's been sitting in a lot of waiting rooms waiting for her DH to finish up with OT and PT in recent days, which is perfect knitting time.  i.e. nobody makes eye contact, usually people are anxious so they're not really chatting, and no one stays long enough to distract the knitting person!

I do not profess to be an expert, but I did take that knitting workshop last summer and I have actually finished five complete two-sock pairs of socks!

She came today for the second lesson, turning the heel.  Her socks are striped in multicolored yarn with a gray stripe between, and they're going to be so cute.  She started off with four double pointed needles and ended up with the nine inch circular needle, the one that gave me such fits I pulled it out and threw it on the table.  I could not manage it.  I gave it to her when she left.

 I wish I had taken a picture of her sock.  She's doing so well on it I feel like I've hatched an egg or something and I'm watching my chick start to walk around!  Silly, I know.

But I feel like telling Stephanie McPhee thanks.  Thanks for inspiration, for making knitting so sexy popular and for allowing me to see that even she makes mistakes but always gets back on the needles.

You should read some of her stuff.  Really.

Knit on...