Wednesday, December 13, 2017

UFO List 2018

A lot of bloggers are making lists of Unfinished Objects (UFOs) this time of year.  In lieu of New Year's resolutions, they're making lists of things they intend to complete next year.

Me too.

For all the good that will do.  I'm still MUCH better at starting things than I am at finishing.  I'm a process person and once a quilt top is made into a flimsy, there's a part of me that just does not care if it ever gets layered and quilted. 

Sad to admit for a grown woman, right?  LOL!

I work better when there is a purpose for what I'm making and a deadline to make it by... like someone's having a baby or an operation.  Then I seam to be able to buckle down and go to the finish line.

My partial list includes this sweater I started for myself, I'm not saying when...

I need something to work on in the evening that isn't dark colored.  Since it's getting dark so early these days, I need more light.

More about the UFO list later.  I don't want to pull a muscle doing all that typing!

Suffice it to say I have a big quilt pile.  I now have a total of five layered and pinned.  I just have to make myself sit down at the machine and get started.

Sew on...