Tuesday, May 31, 2016

So Much To Do, So Little TIme...

This weekend was a lovely three day weekend that I stretched into four by taking Friday off. 

Of course you know what happens when you do that, don't you?  You work extra hours in the four days you DO work, and that makes Friday so much more glorious!

We (daughter, granddaughters, self) did some fun stuff.  I am nearly finished with Miss E's eighth grade graduation dress.  Pictures to come soon.

On Saturday I found a completely intact Chinese Checkers/Checkers/Chess tin at the Amazing Goodwill, and we spent the afternoon on Monday teaching Miss A how to play the marble version (Chinese) and how to strategize with regular old checkers.  You have to let them win sometimes when they're learning, or there are tears.  And Miss A might cry too...

You know you have to start out all your checkers on black squares, right?  It's amazing how many things you take for granted that everyone knows and that eight year olds don't know!

I picked up a bagful of books at AG too.  I counted the books I haven't read yet on the shelf in my bedroom, and it's over 80!  Yikes!!  But who can resist a paperback for 89 cents?  NOT ME...


The lady next door had a baby in May.  I want to find out what gender so I can finish a baby quilt and send it over.  I did complete the sewing in of the zipper in a sweater I started in the winter, and it's a neutral color.  Maybe that will go next door too.

Today is Miss A's spring concert.  Postponed from Friday when it threatened to be raining.  Which it did not.  However, one weekend evening, and I don't remember which, we had major thunderstorms that sent the family pets into hiding and quaking mode.

On Memorial Day, DH asked me "would you like to go out for lunch?"

I looked at him and asked him "who are you, and what have you done with my husband?"

He NEVER wants to go OUT for lunch!!  But we did, and it was lovely.

Now I'm back to the salt mines, trying to cram a week's worth of work into four days.

It's like deja vu all over again!

Rock on...