Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday News

I'm very excited about Tuesday this week!  First it's not Monday, which can be so stressful.  I read somewhere that more heart attacks happen on Monday than any other day of the week.

My Monday was stressful.  I had a rather adversarial conversation over 40+ emails with a person in our finance department over a project I set up that said person thought was not correct.  At the end of two days of back and forth and a couple of phone calls Person said 'I'll have to look at this and call you back'.

No call back ever came, but I expected that.  No additional email happened either and I had to discover for myself that the project got approved.

Bless me for a fool, but if I am wrong I say so.  Person in finance cannot do that.  My project manager and I were thinking that we'd have to go to lunch and have a very large adult beverage after the 40+ emails.  Instead we had a commiseration laugh, did a fist pump and moved on.  We were right, yay for us!  Get back to work... lol!

Today, however, is going to rock!

A woman who took my card at the December craft fair, with a promise to call me about a doll clothes project, actually called this weekend.  She had requested a quote for a dress made from her wedding gown for her granddaughter's doll, but her granddaughter requested clothes she can actually play with.  Sensible woman that she is, she decided her granddaughter is right.

She's coming over tonight to shop.  Yay!!  I finished up two dresses and sewed buttons on sweaters last night to be ready.  I hope she buys the pink corduroy coat because I made a dress with the same fabric I used on the lining.  It's the perfect outfit for Easter!  Now if I can only find a pink hat...

Over the weekend I spent about two hours looking for my husband's military discharge papers.  He can sign up for something with them, and they were not in the briefcase.  In the process of searching the closet in the den I reorganized two bins of yarn and updated my inventory on Ravelry.

I had previously bought some hanging bins, filled two, bought two more. Filled those.  In addition I have the above mentioned two large plastic bins and a laundry basket overflowing with balls wound from partial skeins left over from other projects!

You can get these hanging bins at several places on the web, just Google 'yarn organizing ideas'.  They are priced anywhere from $9.99 to $14.99 each. 

I am up to over 100 yarns in my inventory.  Ladies and gentlemen, it's embarrassing to discover what you have stashed, and then come home to a box of new yarn on the table...  my grandchildren were over on Saturday and I had some yarn in the kitchen.  They are learning about money so they asked me how much it cost.

We had a discussion about how some yarn is $3 or $5 in stores but some special yarn is $20 or $30 because it's different fiber or it's specially dyed.  Eyes opened really wide at the thought that something could cost $30!

I am glad I'm doing an inventory on Ravelry because if God Forbid my house ever burns down, an insurance company would not BELIEVE how much yarn I have in that one closet!

I'm thinking I might have to de-stash.  Sell on Ravelry?  Have a rummage sale?  Decisions, decisions!  And then someone gifts me with their stash and I can't say no.  I can't knit as fast as I buy.  I am going on a yarn diet, I swear.  Maybe.

With stuff this gorgeous, my resistance is very low.

I was pleased to discover that I had several batches of yarn in large enough quantities to make some sweaters for myself or the grands.  I normally just buy stuff to knit accessories or doll items, although my addiction to the Loopy Ewe may change that.  The yarn I got from there this week feels so nice I might make myself something!  That is after I finish the February sweater still in process.

And the Ninja Turtles...

The one on the upper left is from the pattern I have.  I found some orange tee shirts at the Goodwill that will be cut up for the mask.  I should have three done by Saturday and there is one more base in process.  Then I have to make one for my grandson.

Happy Tuesday to all.  Sew and knit on....

Monday, March 30, 2015

Lots Going On

"Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning, the devil says...."Oh crap! She's up!" Unknown

There has certainly been a lot going on in my life this week, but not much I could or would have wanted to blog about.  Let me just say this:  get an annual mammogram, do the follow up, and when someone tells you that you don't know what you're talking about, question that.  Get a second opinion.  Everything turned out fine, (I was right) but there is one radiologist I will never, ever see again if he's the only one in the state, and one that is my hero.  'nuff said.

I also bought a new car this week.  I had a car that was going on 14 years old and had a LOT of miles on it.  It was in very good shape and I probably could have driven it for another two or three years, but DH was getting nervous about things going wrong and that was that.  Note:  Nothing was GOING wrong, he was just nervous about what if.  Then he decided that I probably needed to have an incentive to keep going to work every day.

So off to the dealership we went.  Four hours later I drove home in the 2015 model of the same car I've been driving for the past 20 years.  So I got some nicer amenities, such as heated seats and a moon roof, but it's a Corolla, the same as my last two cars.

I love the new car smell.

I also have been working on a quilt for a fund raiser at church, along with some matching pillows. 

Suzi has it all quilted and bound, now I am doing a label and finishing up on the pillows.  It will be auctioned off to raise money to send the high school kids on a mission trip to a Minnesota Indian Reservation.  It is beautiful and someone will get a treasure!

Someone called me and wants to look at doll clothes this week.  I didn't have much left after donating some of THOSE to the auction too, so I ran up a couple of dresses.  I need to get some more buttons for some of the sweaters I knit but didn't finish, and then she should have a pretty decent group to review.  I also made the most darling little coat with some pink wide-wale corduroy.  I lined it in pink and white stripes.  Of course my phone was dead or dying so there is no photo yet.
Happy Monday!  Sew on...