Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Road to Crazytown...

There used to be this joke that was making the rounds... maybe you've heard it.  How do you keep a (insert your favorite group here) in suspense?


Ha ha, right?

I do a lot of strange things at work, like find a source for antique-style mailboxes for a street project or find out how cyanide occurs in nature or what the minimum order is if we need to buy new spoons for the kitchen.

Recently I've been assisting the lady who runs the Water Group Technical Network in a recruiting campaign, getting our staff to sign up for one or more technical forums.  There are weekly prizes and there will be a nice grand prize at the end.

I'm in charge of sending the prizes to the weekly winners.

We bought a supply of 'Cubebots' and had our company logo printed on them.  They're just a cute little trinket to reward the people who signed up, and a reminder that most of the staff are engineers and scientists who like solving puzzles.

I like puzzles too.  Crosswords are my favorites but I like fill-ins and jigsaws too. 

This Cubebot comes in a little box with directions on how to unroll him and roll him back up.  The unrolling is no problem.  I've unrolled them so I can send them in a flat mailer rather than a box.  But putting him back into the box is a challenge.

There always seems to be something
that sticks out...

...or up...

I know he came OUT of that box!!

This looks painful.

Oh God!  I give UP!!
It IS possible.  They say this is a type of intelligence test or maybe it's just a modern form of torture.  Like Sudoku.  Or logic problems.

It only took me 20 minutes this time.

Rock on!